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Searching for where to trade bitcoins and convert your giftcards (Itunes, Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, Steam, Walmart, Vanilla, Best buy, Google play, Gamestop, Apple store card etc.) to cash (Naira or Bitcoins)? Search no more. Trade now on ClickTechIt to enjoy an amazing 15% off discount for this week only. Our staff are always available 24/7 to attend to your orders.

About Clicktechit

ClickTechIt is Nigeria’s Most Trusted Gift Card Exchanger and Bitcoin Trader. ClickTechIt helps you trade your Bitcoin and also convert your Itunes giftcard to cash. We trade on iTunes, Steam, Google play, Amazon, etc. Our staff are always available 24/7 to attend to your orders. We accept legitimately purchased Usa, Uk, Australian and Canadian itunes gift card, Steam cards, Googleplay, Best buy, Sephora gift cards, etc. in exchange for cash. Only customers who send in unused gift cards are eligible for payment.

Ours Rates

Our Rates

Giftcard/Bitcoin Rates
Bitcoin ₦440
USA Amazon Cash Receipt($25 - $100) ₦290
USA Amazon Cash Receipt($101 - $200) ₦260
Amazon Cash Receipt($201 - $500) ₦250
Amazon No Cash Receipt ₦200
Amazon E-Code Receipt ₦200
USA Itune Card ₦325
AUD/CAD itunes ₦135
Big Itune($101-$200 single) ₦325
USA Stream ($20, $50 & $100 single) ₦295
USA Steam ($150 & $200 single) ₦285
USA(Others e.g $51, $105, $500, etc) ₦285
UK Steam ₦370
AUD/NZD Steam ₦190
CAD Steam ₦205
Walmart ₦305
USA Google ₦320
USA Google E-code ₦295
UK Google ₦305
AUD Google ₦185
CAD Google ₦210
Euro Google ₦285
USA Apple ₦305
Offgamers ₦335
Sephora ₦320
Nordstorm ₦325
USA Ebay($100-500 Denomination) ₦305
USA Ebay($50 Denomination) ₦275
Nike ₦330
Amex ₦330
Macy ₦285

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